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British Open Series Discount Scheme

In order to encourage new pilots to take part in the British Open Series Hang Gliding Competitions, we are continuing with the  discount scheme aimed at both pilots who are new to the British Open Series (including those who have not participated for a few years), and also at those who are able to encourage and support the new pilots.

The standard entry fees for the British Open Series for 2020 are as follows:

  • £180 for all three rounds if registered before 1 April 2020; otherwise
  • ​£90 per round.

A discount to the standard entry fees for “new” pilots.  A “new” pilot for the purposes of the British Open Series is a pilot who has not entered any British Open Series round during either the 2017,2018 or 2019 seasons.

Anyone who qualifies as a “new” pilot may enters the BOS in 2020 with a one third discount.  That is, all three rounds (before 1 April 2020) may be entered for the reduced fee of £120, or any single round for £60.

There is also a “bring a friend” discount available.  That is, if a current BOS pilot encourages a “new” pilot to enter, both he and the “new” pilot may have a 25% discount.  That is, both pilots may enter all three rounds for £135 each, or else both pilots may enter a single round for £67.50 each.  If the current pilot enters all three rounds, and the “new” pilot only enters one round, the amount payable is £150 and £67.50 respectively.

Please note, either the one third discount may be claimed or the 25% discount may be claimed, but not both.

If you would like to take advantage of the discount scheme, please email Phil (philchett@gmail.com) with the details of who will be claiming the discount before submitting your entry.  Pilots who enter the BOS and then retrospectively claim a discount will not be entitled to receive a refund.

Electronic banking:-

Account Name Competition Entry Fees
sort code 01-05-41
Account number 40645754

Please use the reference to let us know who the payment is for.

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