Round 2 Day 1

  • Posted on: 28 May 2016
  • By: admin

After a lot of "which site" discussion, it was decided to head for Dodd Fell.
This involved a bit of a stroll, which was really good for those on a fitness plan.
Then a bit of waiting.
Then a lot of take offs as Nev and Paul climbed out and away.
Lots of pilots decided the call of the bottom field was to great, and the more the merrier. Party!
At the end of the day, Tim D and Bomber got a decent climb out.
Alas Tim didn't manage to activate the task (which the scorer thanks him for) So that'll be nil points for the flexwing class, and also the club class
Soon after reports of a couple of rigid pilots where seen buying Rock at the coast, and so for the Rigids we could score a task.
Results below

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