Round 2 Day 2

  • Posted on: 29 May 2016
  • By: admin

Dodd fell was once again the place to be.
There seemed to be two camps, those that got up in the gentle wave to around 4.1k, and those that didn't.
Some showed some heroic skills in getting back up from almost landing, Johnny and Darren sweated the most.
From miles away one would hear a high pitched girlie scream of delight as he topped out above the clouds. To me it sounded like a little girlie who had just discovered the sweetie jar.
You could also hear swearing from someone who had obviously fitted his double kobo navigation aid upside down.
The Club Class alas did not activate the task, even though they tried, they seemed quite content playing Lawn darts.
No one made goal for the flexies, close, but not close enough, but this time they did generate some scores.
One Rigid did make Goal, which made up for yesterdays Faux Pas.
Scores on the doors are below.

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