Round 3 : Mid Wales

Start date Friday 3rd August
Finish date Tuesday 7th August
Local Organiser Greg Emms
Meet Director Martin Colclough
Scorer Phil Chett
Cometitionp HQ  Inn on the Green , Wentnor


Wentnor is a village about 15mins (3.4miles) drive out the front of the Long Mynd and there is a well appointed campsite next to the pub, Note that if you wish to leave tents up on the last day there will be a £5 charge.

Meal info

The meal will again be in the Inn On The Green Pub on Sunday 5th.
Gather in the pub at about 19:30, for the carvery to start at about 20:00.
BOS pilot meals are covered, retrieve drivers, friends and relations will need to pay £8 to Greg.
Only the carvery is covered, if you want starters or desserts you'll need to order and pay for them yourselves.

Mobile Coverage

From the maps there is only patchy EE / Virgin coverage in front of the Mynd but otherwise seems good.  Vodafone is 50/50 and Three is very poor. O2 is good.

Site info

Please have a read of the Long Mynd's club site guide at, on occasion we may also travel north to fly Llangollen.

Car parking at the Long Mynd

On busy days this is becoming a significant issue, with complaints about the inability for any rescue vehicles being able to get past. Please make sure that you park diagonally in such a way that the car does not stick out into the main tarmac roadway at all - if your vehicle is too long to do that then please drop off your gear and find somewhere suitable. Anyone that can lift share, then please do so if it looks like being a busy day - this is not just weekends as we are now getting a lot of people available in the week when the forecast is good. Even if you just park further along the top road maybe at pole cottage (the clump of trees by the modellers car park). Try to park in such a way as to allow as many vehicles to squeeze in as possible. If you park along the gliding club fence, make sure that you are completely off the tarmac road, but beware of grounding your vehicle due to the hump between the road and the ditch.


It really is important to get a briefing from experienced pilots (experienced specifically at Cordon) on the day and before you launch. The hill has peculiarities about the way the air flows around the hill, which vary from hour to hour. It has caught out many a pilot of all levels of general experience and ability. I’ve flown there a few times summer and winter, gone XC from there, but I still don’t count myself as an experienced Corndon pilot

Unfortunately we do not have access to Bache Hill.  Negotiations for the site are still ongoing by the club, we live in hope.