BOS 2 Results

Bit of a polar opposite to last year  Only the first day was Taskable 

So the results For BOS Round Two are:-

BOS Round 2 Update #1

Dates : 14th to 18th June 2019
Venue Base :  Inn on the Green.   Wentnor, Bishops Castle SY9 5EF
Local Organizer: Greg Emms
Meet Director: Mr William Bell
First Briefing : Friday 14th . 9:30 am either in the Car park or the side room at the Inn on the green.
Scorer: Phil Chett
Late registration and downloads/uploads etc from Thursday 13th 7:30pm onwards . Either in the Car park or the side room at the Inn on the green

FlexiBOS May 25th -26th

For the seperate weekend FlexiBOS events, for those who have not already registered or paid (ie no green smillie on this page) please  feel free to pay the £25.00 fee using the link below.

Further updates will be found on the FlexiBOS FB page 


BOS 1 Results

Final results for Round one of the British Open Series and the the British Open are below. 

  Class 1 Class 5  Club Class
1 Grant Crossingham Mike Armstrong Neil Kelly
2 Justin Needham Tim King Ian Parker
3 Graham Phipps Craig Dolwin Paul Boyd


Round 1 Day 5 (no Task)

A surprising number of pilots attending briefing awaiting instructions from Martin Colcough the Meet Director.
The weather report received once again from Rebeca was read out.
An update on work the night before on getting permission to Bache  hill was given. Unfortunately use of this site on this occasion was not possible.
Taking all above into account it was decided, that even though it may be free flyable, calling a task was not an option. 



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