Round 3 task 2

Its rite good when you get a task like this, :-)
Scores updated. should all be there now

Round 3 task 1

Shades of Macedonia with a zig zag task, only a hell of a lot shorter.

I was going to put a nice picture of the task once i set it up in live track... only it didn't like it :-) so you will have to put up with a boring FS task pic.

PROVISIONAL scores below.

BOS 3 Last Orders

Phil, the scorer and tea boy, will be at the Inn on the Green at Wentnor from around  7pm Thursday 2nd for any late registrations
Martin, the meet director will be at the above car park at 9:00am Friday 3rd to welcome you all and discuss the days task.
Meal info

Round 2 day 5:No Task

Weather is not playing nice today. 

Round 2 Task1 Results

Club class did not get activated
Rigids all in, results below.
As are the flex wing now, thanks to Mike Armstrong.
You may wish to pay particular attention to Darrens flight times.

Updated: Thanks for those that pointed out it was elapsed time not race.


Link to Doarama if you want full screen here


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