Round 1 Day 5 No Task

The weather looked promising, as did the forcast. Once on the hill tings started to change quicker than expected. Day canned. 

Round 1 Day 4 : TASK!

After a bit of faffing finally went to a dogging Layby awaiting further instructions
Those instructions came, and a task was had.Unfortuantely not for Club class, but at least everyonr that wanted to fly flew.

Rather a lot of "firsts" and PB's were had.

Some scores below. 
You will find them interesting

Round 1 Day 3: No Task

A little better than yesterday. Free flying and site seeing was the order of the day.

Round 1 Day 2 No Task

Bit Grey and bit windy. So a bit of free flying was had

Round 1 Day 1 :No Task

Its raining. The forecast for it to rain all day. So we are doing other stuff instead


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