• Posted on: 21 April 2016
  • By: admin

New set of waypoints for 2016

Please download the zip file 

Extract the files that you need and upload to your device.
The more Pilots that do this, the easier it is for the Scorer.

BosW 2016_kobo.cup - use for XC soar
BosW 2016_.gpx - use for flytec/brauniger
BosW 2016_kml - to view on google earth.
BosW 2016_geo - for just about everything else, and readable too!
BosW 2016_mps -  for garmins 

Airspace files

  • Posted on: 30 March 2016
  • By: admin

Airspace for 6030 and XCsoar. May work with other instruments.

For pilots reference during British Hang gliding series competitions.

No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of this airspace. It is up to the pilot to be familiar with the current AIP and up to date chart. Airspace that does not appear in these files may still be penalised if it is illegal to  fly there!

We expect at least one update to the AIP before the first BOS competition. Files may or may not need updating.