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  • Posted on: 30 March 2016
  • By: admin

Airspace for 6030 and XCsoar. May work with other instruments.

For pilots reference during British Hang gliding series competitions.

No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of this airspace. It is up to the pilot to be familiar with the current AIP and up to date chart. Airspace that does not appear in these files may still be penalised if it is illegal to  fly there!

We expect at least one update to the AIP before the first BOS competition. Files may or may not need updating.

These files include airspace within which you are allowed to fly, and which will not be penalised. However I have chosen to include it because I believe it is important for pilots to be aware of it, and to fly accordingly, expecting traffic. These include, among other things, ILS landing feathers, Microlight fields, gliding clubs, and MATZ outer rings and stubs. These are all shown as cat G airspace, which it is legal to fly in – but not all these zones are truly class G.

Parachute Drop zones have been elevated to legal status cat D. It is possible that at BOS we might establish some airspace to be open to us, such as D313 (Scampton) or some drop zones (if not active on the day). These will be briefed and you will have to ignore warnings about them.

The big numbers are optional, and are included on class G layer – you don’t want warnings for flying over them!

National height limit.

You are not allowed to fly over 10,000ft without a transponder (except possibly in Scotland, I’m not sure!) Airspace base above 10,000ft is not shown.

XC SOAR and other openair format instruments


grmarch2016.txt – just the airspace , includes class G as described above.

UKHeights2016-03-20.txt – separate file with just the big numbers on class G, you can select  it in “more airspaces”. This is not brilliant as there are some isolated wrong numbers, such as the 45 from a once disputed and now deleted airway in front of Bradwell Edge.

grmarch16 with heights on G.txt – the two files above combined. Perhaps you want to put notam airspace in “more airspaces”.


More info is provided in the following documents provided for you to download (see below)

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