BOS Local regulations

1:   BOS Local regulations

  1.  Originally Compiled by the BHGA Hang Gliding Competitions Panel, January 1978.
  2.  Revised annually by the BHPA Hang Gliding Competition Panel and including amendments to the current year. 
  3. These local regulations are to be used in conjunction with the most recent versions of:
    1. General Section of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code.
    2. Common Section 7 of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code. 
    3. Section 7A of the FAI Sporting FAI Sporting Code.

2:  Aims Of The British Open Hang Gliding Series

  1. To provide a safe, fair and flexible national competition environment for British hang glider pilots in which the spirit of sportsmanship between pilots is encouraged.
  2. To select Series champions who have proved their superiority in British flying conditions.

3:  Composition Of The Series

  1. The Series will consist of several separate competitions in any one year. The aggregate of scores accumulated over the separate competitions, or as many of such scores as shall be determined annually by the Panel, will determine the British Series Champion, the British Women's Series Champion and British Class 5 Series Champion. The same number of aggregated scores will also determine the final ranking of all pilots. Each pilot’s best six scores will be counted.
  2. Pilots may compete on either Class 1 or Class 5 hang gliders. Providing there are a minimum of five pilots competing in a Class trophies will be awarded to that class.
  3. Where possible BOS events will be FAI Category 2 competitions for both Class 1 (flexwing) and Class 5 (rigids).
    This means that if you have a current FAI Sporting Licence you can earn World Pilot Ranking Scheme (WPRS) points 
  4.  For the year British Open Series results no task shall score more than 500 points; where the winner’s score is higher than this all scores will be reduced proportionately by dividing the individual pilot score by the highest pilot score and multiplying by 500