Flexi BOS

BOS3. A change from the norm and hopefully a chance to compete in good weather conditions.

Last year we had a Poll as a number of pilots had expressed an interest in changing the formate. 
Results of the Poll were 51% in favor of no change and 49% voting for a change. 
At the recent Panel meeting it was agreed to  keep BOS 1 and 2 as we have done for a number of years.
Kev Gay has heroically been volunteered to organise these competitions

There will be a lot of detail to be sorted but the idea is along the lines of the following.:-
Flexi BOS will be held over a minimum of three weekends.
It will NOT be sanctioned as a FAI cat 2 comp. 

Depending on the weather the site for the comp will be announced on the Wednesday before. 
We have been offered sites in SE Wales North Wales the Dales N York Moors. And Tinto.  

Discussion around sites and weather can take place on a face book forum. 

Weekend dates to be announced when the nationals are confirmed.