FlexiBOS update #1

The British Open Series Hang Gliding Competitions is trying a slightly different format for one part of the series.(in effect replacing Round 3). 
The Third comp in the series will be split over 4 weekends hoping to take advantage of the weather and traveling to whichever part of the country offers the best chance of flying on Saturday and Sunday.
Club class tasks will be set and a retrieve vehicle may be available on a cost sharing basis.
Dates for this competition are

  • Saturday 27 April Sunday 28 April
  • Saturday 25 May Sunday 26 May
  • Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August.
  • Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September

A Facebook page Flexi BOS 2019 and this BOS website page will carry all the details and discussion about which sites will be used. 

Scoring for tasks will be done remotely. Pilots will need to send an igc. file to the scorer before 8pm on the day of the task to score.
Each valid task flown will score in the BOS Series score
{note It will help enormously if you are even considering entering to get registered on the BOS website before the comp starts}
It would be helpful if all competing Pilots had a livetrack24 account and used Rich Hunts tracker  

The site decision will be made Wednesday night prior to the first comp day. And all briefings will be on the hill. Times to be confirmed.
The Sites and areas to be used for the competition are Blorenge, and SEWales sites, long Myndd and some mid Wales sites, Wether fell, And some dales Sites, Llangollen. And Tinto. 
It is hoped that this style of competition allowing us to take advantage of local weather will increase the number of tasks, and attract local pilots to come and try flying with the BOS, a nominal one off entry fee of £15 per Flexi BOS weekend, is offered as an introduction to new or returning pilots to the competition. 
The BOS Series is a great way of developing skills and sharing knowledge. All pilots are welcome.
We are looking for non flying Meet directors for each of the locations, so if you are interested in helping to run the competition and share your local knowledge please get in touch.