Google maps links to important and nice places.

the links below are site locations and landing fields, that may be used in this weekends competition.  I am hoping that most people will be able to drop them into navigation aids to help you get to the right location.

Marske on Sea
Marske on sea is a flat field at the south end of the village launch is from 20 foot dunes at the south corner closest to the grave yard. further south the cliffs rise to I think 300 foot, and a run to Saltburn is easily done. With the possibility of a ridge run out and return to whitby tide times Mean that flying is only possible/sensible from 5 am to 12 mid day and 5,pm till dusk,

Dodd Fell East Bottom landing field
Mr Chapman has asked us to use this field for the duration of the competition. its higher than the one people landed in a couple of years ago but on the other side of the road and with a gate onto the road. I HAVE NOT CHECKED IT,  I am assured there are no power lines across it but obviously there are Hazards.  its upslope IF you land into wind,  There's a TREE in it, just one! but thats got to be enough for someone, dry stone walls and road on approach,  dry stone walls all around the field, Overshoot has powerlines I think,  Its also closer to wether fell so it will be checked for ROTOR  on Friday morning and  I hope will have a windsock put in it.

Access to Dodd Fell North West and East faces.    turn off the main road and close all gates behind you.
West Cam Road and Pennine Way. turn off here and park, keeping the path clear any further and you must have a 4x4,  Possible to fly this site in a northerly but very shallow and the trip to Model Ridge is worth it.

Dodd Fell East Face Launch  Accessed by 4x4 only vehicles to be parked off the track,  access may be possible from both directions.

Semer water ESE and potentially Northerly  Unload on the crest of the hill and park safely keeping the road clear.

Wether fell access track Known as Cam High Road  follow this track till you see a stone wall on both sides theres a gate in the one on the left, park on the left side looking up the track the track is very busy and must be kept clear for a large tractor to get through,

Model Ridge and Cringle Bowl.  Access is through Lord Stones Cafe, please enjoy their hospitality even if its a cup of tea. This is a sensitive site and we have been given permission to fly it, Currently bottom landing is under negotiation. so confident soaring only

More links will be added to this as necessary