Round 1 Day 2

Lots of excitement at briefing as it looked like it was going to be a good day, and indeed it was. The sky looked cracking, if a bit blowy, and to quote a number of pilots... "Bloody cold"
Goal was set at a golf club near Porthcrawl  with a turnpoint  27km into the 78km task
Ten Flexwing gliders made goal, including Richard Hunt, Ollie Moffatt, Donnie Carson and Dave Tregaskis.
Grant Crossingham won the day followed by Steven Penfold and Justin Needham

We wont mention that two pilots missed the halfway turn point, nor shall we mention that one of them also landed at the "wrong" Golf course

Of the four Rigids taking part, three of them making goal. Mike Armstrong lead the way followed by Tim King and Craig Dolwin. 

With goal  just before the Beacons, at 27km , Club class pilot Neil Kelly won the day with  a 14km flight. Ian Parker was runner up, followed by Paul Boyd