2020 Waypoints

Please find below the waypoints for the 2020 BOS Rounds
Feel free to download and  then upload to your various devices. 
Richard Hunt has kindly created theses two google maps for the waypoints

FlexiBOS update #1

The British Open Series Hang Gliding Competitions is trying a slightly different format for one part of the series.(in effect replacing Round 3). 
The Third comp in the series will be split over 4 weekends hoping to take advantage of the weather and traveling to whichever part of the country offers the best chance of flying on Saturday and Sunday.
Club class tasks will be set and a retrieve vehicle may be available on a cost sharing basis.
Dates for this competition are

Flexi BOS Dates

The following dates have been selected to try and avoid BOS Rounds and British nationals comps.

  • Saturday 27 April Sunday 28 April
  • Saturday 25 May Sunday 26 May
  • Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August.
  • Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September.

BOS 2019

Registration for this series of competitions is now open.
Please go to your account and update (the edit tab)  your details and click the newly provided relevant boxes.
New Pilots , please create a new account

BOS Round 1 (SE Wales)
Dates : 3rd May to 7th may 2019
Venue Base :  Park Farm, Llangattock  NP8 1HT
Local Organizer: Greg Emms

Flexi BOS

BOS3. A change from the norm and hopefully a chance to compete in good weather conditions.

Last year we had a Poll as a number of pilots had expressed an interest in changing the formate. 
Results of the Poll were 51% in favor of no change and 49% voting for a change. 
At the recent Panel meeting it was agreed to  keep BOS 1 and 2 as we have done for a number of years.
Kev Gay has heroically been volunteered to organise these competitions


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