Round 2 Task1 Results

Club class did not get activated
Rigids all in, results below.
As are the flex wing now, thanks to Mike Armstrong.
You may wish to pay particular attention to Darrens flight times.

Updated: Thanks for those that pointed out it was elapsed time not race.


Link to Doarama if you want full screen here

Round 2 day three:No Task

Still Sunny.
Still Windy.
Tomorrow is looking a lot better

Round 2 day two:No Task

Lovely sunny day. shame about the wind!  Some went to the east coast for a bit of coastal fun.

Round 2 day one: No Task

grey and miserable. Followed by rain:Canned

Last Orders Round 2

Registration : -
All being well, Phil will be available for any registration needs from 7pm Thursday 24th May.
You will find him at the Fountain Hotel


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